Link Shared Services Group
The Link Shared Services Group, is a division of Link Enterprise Solutions, and provides the internal business units, Corporate and Regional Offices with innovative and proven common support services. The Link Shared Services Group provides a broad range of services worldwide in assisting our business units and allowing them to continue to deliver excellence in their chosen industry.

Some of the activities undertaken by the group include:
Facility Services
Employee Benefits
Link Recruitment
Onsite Security Systems & Provisioning’s for all assets
Fire protection services to all assets
Disaster preparedness
Conservation and waste management services
Virtual workplace needs
Creative services
Transportation for staff and equipment
Business continuity
Travel services to employees

In addition to the above list of common activities undertaken by the group tailored to the businesses, the Link Shared Services Group manages the sale and acquisitions of all leased and owned property assets. By integrating our common services, Link is able to deliver greater value and creates effective processes and operational control whilst leveraging bulk buying power. The Link shared services group simplifies access to services for all of the Link Enterprise Solutions business and company units.