Research & Technology Division

The Link Research and Technology Division, is a business unit of Link Enterprise Solutions.

As a National leader in best in class delivery of systems and electronic infrastructure, Link actively collaborates with the world’s best technology research and development (R&D) experts, and certainly Link allocates significant resources every year to Research and Development. Unlike any other integration delivery companies Link has the capabilities to research and develop front line systems and provide initial testing and certification of best in class products to seek their suitability for the many applications & environments where Link deploys such systems.

Link collaborates with many R&D organisations worldwide including Universities and Scientific Industrial Research Organisations including Defence orientated Organisations.

Link’s Research and Technology division is continually finding opportunities in working with our Australian customers and R&D institutions in developing options for innovation.

Recent examples of Link’s driven R&D activities and investments include:

  • Spatial Defence Security Systems

  • Composite Components

  • Railway Crossings Safety Systems

  • Transportation Assistance Solutions

  • Unmanned Systems & Automation

  • Wireless Encryption & Performance

Link’s Research and Technology division is the core activities behind all system deployments among our business units.