Our Capabilities

Link as a diversified business group, has in recent years specialised in boutique areas. Link has been consulted and contracted for the Brisbane Bypass and North South Bypass Tunnels now the Clem 7, which required many months of planning, design, and implementation of integrated surveillance cameras and recording systems over wide areas of Brisbane in Queensland Australia. This system was designed, implemented and continues to be serviced by us.

Link provides solutions to large Department stores, and shopping centre’s and has developed solutions for traffic management departments across Australia. In recent years, Link has installed many enterprise level surveillance systems for a number of educational facilities. In addition to these, a further number of educational facilities and industrial sites in Australia are currently considering submissions by Link in relation to installations and management of integrated IP camera surveillance and integrated security solutions and similar integrated professional systems.

Link is a true leader we have been providing enterprise solutions since 2000- we are the industry choice for quality and safety.